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This weekend I did not care about Valentine's Day, I was way more excited for the NBA All-Star games! This year All-Star weekend was held in Dallas, Texas and all the top athletes and celebrities were there. While watching the different events I kept noticing how nice most of the NBA players were dressed off court. It's very impressive to see men who know how to dress well. In case you didn't know, back in 2005 NBA Commissioner David Stern created a strict dress code that forced players to dress in business attire when off-court and those who refused to follow the code would be fined millions of dollars.

"Because we are dealing with people who perform at the professional level, we ask that they dress and behave like professionals, as well. Under the new guidelines, players will be forced to adhere to a code of dress "befitting a gentleman," with all outfits officially sanctioned and all hairstyles needing full approval of NBA Director. (s)"

Needless to say at first the NBA didn't take the news so well but today it seems like everyone is more than happy to follow along! So I have put together a list of my favorite, Best-Dressed NBA players! Love these guys' style! Gentlemen take note.

#1- Dwayne Wade

"He's the epitome of South Beach style. GQ calls him the best-dressed player in the NBA. Whatever he's wearing, D-Wade brings the heat"

#2- LeBron James

I gotta admit I'm not a fan of his but he can dress. Once dubbed the worst-dressed player at the 2003 NBA draft, King James is now fashion royalty

#3- Kobe Bryant

Sometimes his style is a hit or miss but he is always well tailored and polished

#4- Chris Paul

He's young, athletic, cute, and stylish. Which means he is borderline perfect

#5- Carmelo Anthony

I can't really describe his style because it's always changing, but he does a pretty good job

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