Red Carpet Fashion: 2011 Grammys II

1:52 AM

So I figured I wouldn't leave out the guys this time around! Here they are in their own special post...

Justin Bieber in a 3-piece tux by D&G

Tyga and Drake in a Giorgio Armani tux

Lil Wayne & Tyga w/Nicky Minaj

Mario Lopez

Bruno Mars in a Z Zegna suit and Kevin McHale of Glee

Mathew Morrison in Dolce & Gabbana, John Mayer, Diddy, Russel Brand and Adam Lambert

And it's a 3 way tie for the Worst Dressed here! Where the hell did Ricky Martin get those pants? And Usher and Adam Levine are way too cute to dress this bad in public. The funny thing is each of them looks ok on the top, but they missed the mark on their pants and shoes!

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