Menswear Mondays

10:20 PM

This Monday I'm going to focus on a hot trend that is taking place in men's fashion. Have any of you noticed how men are gravitating toward colored suits? And their color of choice happens to be burgundy...or maroon or plum depending how you see it. I caught on to the trend last year and I feel like it continues to get more popular, however there are a few boys who were ahead of the trend and Ryan Gosling has pulled it off the best! 

Ryan Gosling in Ferragamo in 2011

Jesse Metcalfe (2014) & Jared Leto in Burberry (2014)

Ed Westwick in Zegna (2013) & Joe Jonas also in Zegna (2013)..I think it's the same suit actually!

Dev Patel in Ferragamo (2013) & Darren Criss in Versace (2013)

Daniel Radcliffe in David Hart (2013) & Mario Lopez in Tonello (2013)

Ben McKenzie (2012) & Alden Ehrenreich in Albert Hammond Jr (2013)

Zac Efron in George Clinton (2012) & Robert Pattinson in Gucci (2010)

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