Menswear Mondays: Eddie Redmayne

10:20 PM

The year is pretty much over and I want to focus on one guy in particular this Monday, Eddie Redmayne, the best dressed man of 2014! After looking at this post, you won't be able to argue with me either. Whether he's dressing up or down, he always looks good.

1. In Gucci 3. In Gucci 4. In Burberry 

2. In Alexander McQueen 3. In Tom Ford 4. In McQueen 5. In Hardy Amies

1. In Hardy Amies 2. In McQueen 3. In Mr. Smart 5. In Topman 

1. In Burberry 3. In Ralph Lauren Purple Label 5. In Burberry Prorsum

1. In Gucci--2. In McQueen

1. In Burberry Prorsum--3. In Hardy Amies

1. In Alexander Wang by H&M

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