Dakota Fanning for Marc Jacobs Oh Lola Perfume

2:00 PM

This is new to me, but Dakota Fanning is the new face of Oh, Lola perfume. She was chosen to front the campaign for Marc Jacob's fragrance because she is ''seductive and sweet''--according to Marc! "Every time one of Marc's fragrances comes out I run to the store to buy it. The moment I was asked to be a part of the Oh, Lola campaign, I was so humbled and said 'yes' immediately."--The ads which were shot back in March by Juergen Teller will be appearing in magazines this summer and the perfume will be available starting in July.

And this finally gives me the perfect opportunity to bring this up! Has anyone else noticed that Justin Bieber's perfume bottle looks way too similar to Marc Jacobs? I saw Justin's ad the other day and I thought it was just another version of Marc Jacobs bottle. Have a look for yourself and let me know what you think, because to me it just looks like a cheap knockoff!

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