Style Jacker?...Celeb vs. Celeb

7:36 PM

Which of these stars wore it better?....

Sarah Jessica Parker vs. Lana Del Rey both in Prabal Gurung: I was going to give this one a tie until I noticed Lana's hideous white tights and sneakers, yuk! SJP definitely wins this one.

Stacy Keibler vs. Vanessa Hudgens both in Maria Lucia: This one is a close call but I think Vanessa takes it by an inch. The shade of yellow and wavy hair looks good on her!

Taylor Swift vs. Kylie Jenner both in Contrarian New York: I give this one to Taylor just for having the better shoes! And I also like her chic up-do and red lips.

Paris Hilton vs. Nikki Reed both in Whitney Eve (by Whitney Port): I never liked this dress, or the other dresses from this Fall 2011 collection. But if I had to pick the lesser of two evils, I would go with Paris Hilton. At least her shoes are cute and the dress fits her form better. 

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