Style Jacker:...Who Wore it Better?

2:00 AM

I swear the designers behind Maria Lucia Hohan must be giving out these dresses for free because every celebrity has been wearing them lately--just in different colors. Stacy Keibler along with Kristen Cavallari wore their gowns last year in the Fall. While Vanessa Hudgens wore her's last month to the premiere of Journey 2. And just more recently, Maria Menounos wore her own gown--in mint green--at this past Sunday's Oscars awards! Who do you think wore it best out of these ladies? Or do you think the gown should be retired altogether?

Vanessa Hudgens at The Journey 2 movie premiere

Stacy Keibler at the London Film Festival 

Kristen Cavallari at the Marine Ball

Maria Menounos at The Oscars

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