Happy Birthday Aaliyah

5:33 PM

Aaliyah was and will always be my favorite singer. It's still hard to believe that its been almost 10 years that she has passed away but I still love and admire her all the same, and will always miss her. So happy birthday and may she continue to rest in peace. Today, Jan. 16, would have been her 31st birthday. She will be remembered not only for her music but also for her bold and sexy-tom boy fashion sense. She proved her point in a tiger-striped Roberto Cavalli gown at the 2000 MTV VMA ceremony—where she walked away with three awards. Here is a look at one of my favorite Red Carpet looks by Aaliyah.

aaliyah vma-roberto cavalli-fashionablyfly.blogspot.com

aaliyah vma-roberto cavalli-fashionablyfly.blogspot.com

R.I.P Aaliyah. 1979-2001

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