Saving Lives with Fashion

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By now we all know about the deadly earthquake that took place in Haiti this month. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake was a massive disaster that took tens of thousands of lives. People are still stuck under the rubble and rescuers are trying to save those who may still be alive. And if that wasn't bad enough they recently had an aftershock with a magnitude of 6.1 earlier this week. Those effected still need medical aid, food supply and other basic facilities. Now multiple celebrities and fashion designers are coming together to provide as much aid and funds possible to the people of Haiti.

Fashion Editor, Daniel Saynt of The Fashionably Independent is asking New York designers to help in his efforts for Haitian relief. The Editor of the popular fashion source is asking designers to donate his invitations to New York Fashion Week to raise funds for HEAL HAITI, a charity that is currently mobilizing efforts to bring food, shelter and support to those in the earthquake ravaged country. The tickets will be made available for auction beginning February 1st for one full week on The proceeds will be given directly to HEAL HAITI, an effort by the US Fund for UNICEF and The American Red Cross. Here is a statement that he wrote on his website.

In order to provide aid, I’ve decided to give up the one thing that I have that has the highest value, my seats to New York Fashion Week. Each designer that is willing to participate will be asked to give us two seated invitations to their shows. At this time we are only asking established designers with considerable name recognition to donate. This is due to the high value of seats at your fashion show and ease in promoting your tickets to a wide range of bidders (s).

Also lending a helping hand is actress Olivia Wilde who started an auction that would bid off gowns and suits worn to the 2010 Golden Globes Awards. For each dress sold, 100% of the proceeds will go directly to doctors helping out in Haiti. Gucci has already agreed to donate the dress she wore on the red carpet and Jewellers Tiffany & Co, who also styled Wilde for the red-carpet, are donating $10,000. Amy Poehler, Meryl Streep, Jenna Fischer and Gerard Butler are some of the other celebs who are donating their Golden Globe fashion to

Ps. Don't forget to watch George Clooney's celebrity telethon, Hope For Haiti, it will be on about every tv channel tonight from 8-10

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