Exclusive: Ugly Betty CANCELED!!!!

2:16 PM

I am so sad and very disappointed to say that my favorite show, Ugly Betty, has been canceled by ABC! ABC has just informed the producers that the show’s current fourth season will be its last. And they have also cut the show’s episode order from 22 to 20. The "good news" as they put it, is that they will allow the show to record a finale episode instead of bluntly ending the series. Here is what the president of ABC had to say,

“We’ve mutually come to the difficult decision to make this Ugly Betty’s final season, and are announcing now as we want to allow the show ample time to write a satisfying conclusion. We are extremely proud of this groundbreaking series, and felt it was important to give the fans a proper farewell.” (s)

Ps. I admit that this season hasn't been as good as others but I don't think the show is bad enough to get canceled. They have a lot worse shows coming on that channel! I'm going to miss that cast.

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