Shoe Time: Giuseppe

2:44 AM

I know that everyone in Hollywood is obsessed with wearing Christian Louboutins, but my personal favorite shoe designer has always been Giuseppe Zanotti. His shoes are always so fun & glamorous-- and right now I am in love with his Swarovski crystal slingbacks! And thanks to Polyvore and Nordstrom I will be getting my very own pair this Christmas!!! Not too long ago I won a contest on Polyvore where I was able to pick out a pair of designer shoes from Nordstrom's website. Originally I chose a pair of McQueen pumps but they ran out of my size! But luckily they updated their website and added the 2012 collection of Giuseppes--so of course I quickly forgot about the McQueens...I am so happy with my second choice and can't wait til' they arrive in December! 

ps. These are the shoes I ordered. Love at first sight!

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