Hottest Hair Style of the Year

12:27 PM

Long hair has made a comeback this year! For the last 2 years or so celebs and models have been chopping off their hair and girls around the world have followed in their footsteps (or pumps). Thanks to the likes of Rihanna & Cassie! But this year everyone was rocking long locks. Even Rihanna rocked a few red headed wigs herself! From sleek ponytails to Old Hollywood retro waves, there were a multitude of looks for longer hair. One of my personal favorites being the ombré look, along with many others! Here is a little recap of some of the most popular (long & colorful) hairstyles from 2011.

Giuliana Rancic: My favorite ombré look of the year

Ombré Hair
Alexa Chung--Leighton Meester--Lily Aldridge
Jamie Chung--Rachel Bilson--Beyonce 

Old Hollywood/Retro Waves
Fergie--Kate Hudson--Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Blake Lively--Miley Cyrus--Kim Kardashian: Last year was all about the messy side ponytail, but this year it's more cleaned up and very sleek.

Knotted Updo
Lala--Gwen Stefani--Ashanti--Ashley Olsen: Probably the easiest style of the year that anyone could do since it can be either messy or slicked back!

Bold Colors
Katy Perry w/Pink--Lady Gaga w/Green--Nicki Minaj w/Blue--Jordin Sparks w/Purple: Surprisingly many celebs were sporting long colorful wigs in 2011 but hats off to Katy Perry who boldly dyed her natural hair pink!

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