Magazine Cover Girl, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

6:08 PM

This has really been Rosie's year! She went from (little-known) Victoria's Secret model, to A-List movie star thanks to her breakout role in Transformers. Now Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can be seen on countless magazine covers and in numerous fashion editorials! I don't think a month went by where she wasn't on some cover of a fashion mag. She is even featured on a few covers from next year's magazine issues! Here is a little rundown on some of her best covers of 2011.

Cleo Australia, Jan.2012

Harper's Bazaar UK, Jan.2012

Elle Ukraine, Dec.2011

Vogue Germany, Nov.2011

Vogue Germany, Nov.2011

Shop (Til You Drop) Magazine, Nov.2011

Women's Health South Africa, Nov.2011

Women's Health, Aug.2011

Elle Finland, Sept.2011

Elle UK, July.2011

Elle UK, July.2011

Be Magazine, July.2011

Glamour Spain, July.2011

Maxim, July.2011

Maxim Australia, Sept.2011

GQ Australia, Dec.2011

Vogue Portugal, May.2011

Vogue, Mar.2011

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