Hot Hair Trend: Red Hair

5:37 PM

This year everyone wanted to be a red-head! And quite honestly I think the color is gorgeous--if I could pull it off I would probably dye my hair red too! Hollywood has its well known, natural red-headed ladies like, Lindsay Lohan, Isla Fisher, Adele, Marcia Cross, and Christina Hendricks. But ladies with faux red-hair, like Emma Stone, are becoming very popular too. Here is a list of some celebs who daringly went red in 2011. Let me know who you think pulled it off the best!

Emma Stone, who is a natural blonde, went back to red this year 

Blake Lively dyed her hair for a movie role and was dubbed "The Little Mermaid" soon after

Khloe Kardashian briefly went red this summer and I personally liked it 

Disney's Debby Ryan is one of those girls who can pull off any hair color--she has been blonde, brunette, and now red

Scarlett Johansson, also dyed her hair for a movie role, & I think it would look much better if longer 

Demi Lovato went for an edgier and darker look which I absolutely love

Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna...I hated her red hair at first (I still do at times) but I prefer her darker burgundy shades much more than the fire engine red she first sported

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