Style Jacker: Celeb vs. Celeb?

5:02 PM

Brittany Snow vs. Kourtney Kardashian both in Alice+Olivia: I love this dress and it looks good on both of them. I like Kourtney's accessories but I also like Brittany's red pumps. So I'm calling this one a tie!

Courtney Cox vs. Kate Moss both in Lanvin: I'm not crazy about the print but I like it on both of them. They each styled it differently but it works for both ladies.

Emma Stone vs. Kim Perry both in Bottega Veneta: Hands down Emma Stone! Kim completely jacked her look, even the handbag, and made it look worse! If you're going to copy someone at least do it right!

Eva Longoria vs. Victoria Beckham both in VB: The dress looks good on both of them. However overall Eva's look is better but Victoria has the better colored dress.

Heidi Klum vs. Beth Stern both in Michael Kors: I'm not really a fan of these MK jumpsuits that I keep seeing but I will say that it looks better on Heidi. Beth's just looks way to baggy on her and I like how Heidi kept it simple!

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