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I feel like this post is long overdue but better late than never I guess. I wanted to share with you all a few of my favorite things I have in my closet. But first I have to say thanks to Polyvore who actually hooked me up with these amazing items! I joined their website almost two years ago and I do not regret it one bit. On Christmas day I was lucky enough to be featured in their Member Spotlight; where they showcased some of my sets and even mentioned my two blogs. So needless to say, the people at Polyvore have been very good to me--especially in 2011--and here are some of the best gifts I have received from them!

Giuseppe Swarovski Crystal Slingbacks

I know all girls love Christian Louboutin but my personal favorite shoe designer is Giuseppe! I waited months to get these shoes and I am still in shock that they are actually mine. However, they are so beautiful and expensive that I am actually afraid to wear them lol! And I don't know how celebs do it because they are sky high, I really need to practice my walk!

Marc Jacobs 'Rio' Handbag

I love, love, love Marc Jacobs so I was very thrilled to get this purse! The detailing is so beautiful and I'm a sucker for anything with exposed zippers. But because of all the zippers, studs, and material this purse is super heavy! But I still love it.

Tacori Black Onyx Ring

This was probably one of the coolest and most exciting gifts I have received from Polyvore. Only because I was able to work with the people at Tacori and have it specially fitted since the ring was hand made for me! It took a while for  them to finish but it was definitely worth the wait! 

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