Best of the Best: 2012

2:35 PM

Here is a look back at the 10 best and most popular trends of 2012

#1. The Little White Dress: This year the LBD took a back seat to the LWD, which dominated the red carpet this year. There wasn't a star who didn't wear one!

#2. The Peplum: Peplum pieces were beyond popular this year. From dresses, to tops, to skirts, peplums were attached to everything and everyone!

#3. Mullet Skirts: Whether you called them mullet skirts, high-low skirts, or asymmetrical skirts they were big in 2012! However, I think the cute trend may die down in 2013.

#4. Floral Prints: This trend will live on for forever and it made its mark in 2012. Floral prints covered everything this year including tops, dresses and even pants!

#5. Leather Pieces: Everybody was wearing leather this year--It's not just for motorcycle jackets anymore! I even found myself buying a pair of leather shorts.

#6. See-Through Gowns: Celebs took sheer to a whole new level this year! Forget showing a little skin, in 2012 ladies were showing off their undergarments and proudly.

#7. Illusion Dresses: We can thank Stella McCartney and Kate Winslet for putting this (silhouette flattering) trend on the map.

#8. Denim Shirts: Love it or hate it, denim shirts were very popular this year. And not just for girls but guys also--but we look better in them!

#9. Crop Tops: What more can I say besides, They're Back!

#10. Printed Suits: And last but not least, there were the printed/graphic suits. Kudos to the girls who were brave enough to wear one!

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