Style Watch: GOSSIP GIRL

7:42 PM

Well, tonight is the night! This will be the very last episode of Gossip Girl and I am very sad. One good thing to come from tonight's series finale however will be the big reveal of the gossip girl herself.....Any guesses? Not only that but the final episode will be a 2 hour special and I don't want to miss a minute of it. I admit the last couple of seasons of GG haven't been the greatest but I feel like they really stepped it up for  the last few episodes. Which really makes it even sadder to see it go. I remember for years I hated the show but I finally gave in and fell in love with it after just one episode

So here is a look back at some of the promo posters from the different seasons. You can really see how much the cast has evolved! Good bye Serena, Blair, and all you stylish Upper Eastsiders! 

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