Style Inspiration: Angela Simmons

1:25 PM

Someone's style who really falls under the radar is Angela Simmons. Since her days on Run's House she has really grown up and her fashion sense has completely evolved. I admit sometimes she gets it wrong but for the most part I really enjoy her style and she always takes risks! Recently she and her sister Vanessa attended the Tarina Tarantino Cosmetics Launch Party and I love her outfit, take a look!

I love her retro floral jeans and how she paired it with a simple corset, she could have done without the white button-up shirt but it's still ok. Vanessa on the other hand...just proves that the "Rihanna" hairstyle doesn't work on everyone.

Here are some of her other looks from NYFW and other NY events

I LOVE this dress, now I just need to figure out who's it by...

At Charlotte Ronson Fall 2010 Show

At Twinkle by Wenlan Fall 2010 Show

At an Elle Magazine Party

At her Pastry Line Launch Party

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