Juicy Couture Contest!

11:31 PM

So last weekend my best friend and I went shopping and we stopped by this new Juicy Couture store. My friend saw this purse that she wanted, but it is by Juicy which means it was a bit expensive. Around $200 I think.... So long story short she desperately wants this purse and keeps talking about it, but she can't afford it. And today I saw this contest where you could win a gift card from their store and all I need to do is put together a few looks on Polyvore. I swear it was like a sign!!! I would LOVE to win this for my friend, especially since her birthday is next month, but already there is a ton of competition. So, my blogger friends if you could please vote for me I would love you for forever! And ever..just go to Polyvore.com and check out my looks.

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