Sweet Little Lies

2:45 AM

Last weekend I finally got my hands on this book by Lauren Conrad, Sweet Little Lies. I heard that it was a Best Selling book so I was really dying to check it out...actually I wanted her other book L.A. Candy but that thing is impossible to find! Seriously I have been trying for almost a year to check it out from any library!!! So, I just gave up and went with my second choice. But the whole time I was reading it I kept picturing the cast of The Hills, the whole thing felt like a tell-all rather than a novel. With that said, it wasn't all that great but it was cool to find out some inside info on just how phony The Hills reality show actually was...

Speaking of Lauren Conrad it looks like she will be returning to reality tv after-all and back to MTV on top of that. I guess she changed her mind about never being on another reality show again! Her new series will start next month in October (around the same time her third book comes out) and will be a documentary-style reality program on MTV that will follow the "budding" fashion designer as she "creates a line of evening wear and builds a fashion house - from the ground up." ( s) Let's pray that this show isn't staged, because I like Lauren and her clothing lines, but the last thing I wanna see is another fake reality show.

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