ELF Makeup At Target

12:52 AM

As usual, I found myself shopping at Target this week. I didn't really need anything but just wanted to head into the store to look around. And I am happy to say that I came across some liquid eyeliner by e.l.f (eyes.lips.face) cosmetics for only a $1! Since I am a bit new at wearing liquid eyeliner I just wanted to find something that was inexpensive that I could practice with.


Beginning this month Target began to sell e.l.f in their stores and the prices are only $1, $3, $5 and $10 for some foundation/brush kits. Because of the price these items are always selling out quick, and that is so why I am so excited about my eyeliner! Earlier this month I was lucky enough to buy an eyeshadow kit and a few makeup brushes, but even then I had to fight off a few women for those. If you are on a budget or just playing around with a few looks, head down to Target and get a few e.l.f items, or just head to their website.


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