Rihanna's Rated R Style

12:43 AM

Sure Rihanna showed up 3 hours fashionably late to her own album release party, but the important part is that she showed up looking so fly! We all know that it can take some time getting ready, especially when you want to look good. Here are her two looks from this week (Nov.24 & 25). Oh-and please check out her shoes for the gold outfit!

rihanna_gold dress_rated R_fashionablyfly.blogspot.com

Rihanna on her own style: [[ I like playing with the tough but not too tough, and being a lady but not too girlie because that’s not me. I kind of play on both. I like things a little twisted, a bit of a bad ass and a bit of lady]]

rihanna_rated R_red dress_fashionablyfly.blogspot.com
Both dresses are by The Blonds for Noir Jewelry.

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