Forever21 Magazine Coming Soon

12:59 AM

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a forever21 fanatic. I am constantly blogging about it and have been shopping there for years...I was just there a couple of days ago in fact. However, back to the point- This week on Friday (Nov.20) the first issue will be available online and within their stores. Their main goal in launching this magazine is to reinforce their belief that anyone can achieve a high-end look, no matter what the budget. Each issue will include two to three features, a fashion gallery of looks with styling tips, coverage of trends available at Forever 21, street style, makeup and beauty tutorials, a lifestyle section including the latest in books/art/music, and coverage of noteworthy Forever 21 collaborations. The magazine will also be a seasonal publication, available as a gift with purchase of $40 or more in all Forever 21 stores nationwide, as well as free to view online at (Source)

Here is a look at the very first cover!


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