Jimmy Choo for you and me!

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This weekend my best friend and I went shopping. We went to the mall and hit up our favorite stores, H&M, Forever21, Heritage 1981, and a few others. Starting this weekend H&M will be selling its own affordable line of Jimmy Choo! Yes, finally! Now we all can really dress like celebrities lol. And for the first time they are designing for men. So not only will there be shoes but clothing as well. However, the line won't be available til Saturday and H&M is keeping the collection under wraps. I guess they are going for the whole element of suprise. And they are being very strict also. Here is a statement they put on their website,

H&M is launching Jimmy Choo for H&M on November 14th. Since the collection is in very high demand, we’re expecting a crowd.
If there is a line, please wait in line and H&M store staff will inform you about how to shop. The first 160 people in line will receive a bracelet; on the bracelet you will be given a specific time for shopping in our designated area. The bracelets are only needed for the women’s shoes, bags and accessories.If you are not one of the 160 first in line, you will of course have the opportunity to shop from the rest of the collection or within H&M. After about two hours we will also open up the designated area for all of our customers. (HM.com)
Sounds a bit outrageous, but fair I guess. You can read more of the statement on the website. But more importantly you can check out the line right now. Here are a few items from the collection. The prices range from $25 to $299.
jimmy choo shoe fashionablyfly.blogspot.com

jimmy choo fashionablyfly.blogspot.com

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